“This EP is f*cking insane! I am losing my sh*t over it, oh my god!” – AYA fka LOFT

“…fallen in love with the weird and sensual yet elegant deconstruction of the electronic sound” – Machine Woman

“Believe in Mistrust” is a quivering balancing act between detailed sound design and the zeitgeist of Berlin’s underground club music. xenonyms present the release of Akrobat’s latest EP “Believe In Mistrust”: a portal into a hyperkinetic sonic dimension.
As the title suggests, “Believe in Mistrust” is a motivation to observe and explore circumstances from different angles and perspectives and the EP does just that: defying genres and creating a listening experience that evokes optic and embodied responses. Akrobat’s music is a hybrid of algorithmic sound design and beat driven patterns, alternating between melodic motifs and a nervous pushing and pulling that builds and releases in fragmented precision. It’s unpredictable. It’s ambiguous. And you just want to dive into its cinematic sphere.
The five tracks on the EP were developed through a process of merging coded audio experiments in Supercollider with pummelling beats and Akrobat’s intuition for sonic sculpting. His mangled melancholic pieces depict his personal perceptions of space and sound and a queering attempt to locate the analog nature of human sensation within computerized systems.
Based in Berlin, Akrobat is a sound artist who is currently collaborating with South Africa’s UMLILO and recently played alongside Machine Woman and Gabber Eleganza.

1. Believe in Mistrust
2. Trapped
3. Bad Conscience
4. Digital Flesh
5. Impossible Dreams



released via Xenonyms -> Bandcamp

Music Video by erikA & Akrobat

Songs written, produced and mixed by Akrobat
Mastering by GFXIII
Cover art by Akrobat and Elisa Purfürst / erikA