Under the impression of the death of his writer friend Guillaume Dustan and an incipient love affair with the novelist and filmmaker Virginie Despentes, gender activist and philosopher Paul B. Preciado, then Beatriz Preciado, takes testosterone as a gel -without medical guidance and without intending a transformation into a “man”. The records of this self-experiment oscillate between political manifesto, declaration of love and pornographic report.



Radio play directed by Noam Brusilovsky

Südwest Rundfunk 2

Translated from French: Stephan Geene
Speaker: Paul Zichner, Anika Mauer, Angela Neis, Jörg Gollasch, Felix Strobel, Benjamin Hiller, Valentin Erb, Sarah Sandeh und Helene Voigt.
Engineering: Christian Eickhof, Tanja Hiesch und Simon Frei
Assistant: Martin Buntz und Olga Hohmann
Dramaturgy: Andrea Oetzmann