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One day, God decided to punish and wipe out sinful mankind with a massive flood. However, thanks to the construction of a gigantic ark, one man manages to save his family as well as a couple of each animal species: Noah. It is one of the most famous stories from the Bible, told for centuries and performed in theaters since the Middle Ages.

In times of global warming, the question of how to deal with coming environmental catastrophes inevitably arises. The critical point has long been passed: Climate change can no longer be averted, but is already causing climate flight worldwide and horror scenarios that will increase in the future. The question is no longer whether the catastrophe will occur, but how mankind will come to terms with it.

In his new stage work, Noam Brusilovsky creates a scenery dedicated to testing the threatening reality. In the course of the production, a new kind of ark is created in the theater space – Ark Nova – an extension of the mythological ship, in which solidarity, compassion as well as togetherness in colossal times of crisis are practiced. Poetic images and electronic sounds become a spectacle that outlines a hopeful mythology of the present.


PREMIERE 19.06.2022

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Directed by Noam Brusilovsky

Volkstheater München (DE)

Costume: Paula de la Haye
Lights: David Jäkel
Dramaturgy: Lotta Beckers, Rose Reiter
Dor Aloni
Ruth Bohsung
Lukas Darnstädt
Steffen Link
Henriette Nagel
Pola Jane O’Mara
Vincent Sauer