Jewish life around the world has been a subject of photographer Frédéric Brenner for 40 years. He traced Jewish life in Berlin in portraits that have been part of the collection of the Jewish Museum Berlin since 2021. But Brenner not only portrayed his protagonists photographically, he also collected texts and snippets of conversations from them. How does it feel for Jews to live in Berlin, the city from which the deportations to the extermination camps were planned starting in 1942? How does it feel to live here today, between the Holocaust Memorial and anti-Israel demonstrations, between philosemitism and anti-Semitic attacks? The radio play gives the interviewees a voice and space for their thoughts and observations in the Berlin of our days.

Based on texts by the protagonists and others of the photo book “Zerheilt” by Frédéric Brenner.



Audio Installation @ Jüdisches Museum Berlin

25.02.2022 first broadcast for Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg
27.02.2022 RBB Kultur
09.11.2022 Deutschlandfunk
12.05.2023 BR2

Exhibition design by here we are architects

Translated from English by Sylvia Zirden
Speakers: Lea Draeger, Aysima Ergün, Antonio Herrera, Anika Mauer, Axel Sichrovsky, Paul Zichner
Sound Engineering: Martin Seelig, Katrin Witt, Eric Nowak und Eileen Dibowski
Dramaturgy: Juliane Schmidt (rbb)
Production: rbb in cooperation with the Jewish Museum Berlin 2022