Inspired by the silkworm, a master of interconnectedness and webbing, dancers and choreographers Renae Shadler and Mirjam Sögner present “Silkworms,” a highly visual dance piece captivating with a dynamic movement language. As a means to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic, which places our social fabric in a state of limbo, the two performers develop choreographic strategies that rely on mutual interconnectedness to transcend the binaries of soft/hard, life/death and inside/outside. The duo shape-shifts its way through a turbulent journey to unravel the complexity of the silk industry and the evolution of capitalistic production. The silkworm embodies the ability to both interweave things outside of itself and create spaces within, where it can become vulnerable and transform.

Using lengths of fabric, long wooden poles and the immediate environment, Shadler and Sögner develop a choreography that cements, knots and weaves together dichotomies and contradictions without homogenizing the individual parts.



Radialsystem (Berlin)

Concept, Choreography and Performance: Renae Shadler and Mirjam Sögner
Set and costume design: Judith Förster
Lighting design: Emese Csornai
Creative Companion: Pauline Payen
Production: ehrliche Arbeit – freies Kulturbüro

Title picture: Piotr Pietrus
Teaser: Christopher Hewitt